It`s been two years since we first released this site. As a birthday present we looked at small gadget toys for you. Instead of having to wind them up - these toys run on their own, as long as you let them. Take them for a spin ...
They`re in our movies section

Hello New Year - Hello Japan ! - Thanks for the overwhelming response to this site ! But please don´t download more than one copy of one kind of loopmovie - feel free to copy or distribute after downloading. Having problems with the downloads - ask us - we will respond asap - thanks !

These two new loopmovies were filmed at the Octoberfest in Munich. Similar to the growing popularity of this site these new movies will go on and on and on ... see the movies

Our fall collection of loopmovies continues with sequences from the ocean. The different colors the ocean can have is reflected in three new movies. The windy season has arrived so look at wheat a movie where the wind shakes up a few cereal grasses.
They`re in our movies section

New loopmovies have arrived for the summer - when travel, the beach and summer vacation is on everybody`s mind. We produced sequences from the ocean, a garden and a train to go with the season. They`re in our movies section

Our support page has been renewed with some suggestions on how to fit loopmovies on your computer screen. Look and see ...

The website starts with creek, windcone, colors, escalator and fire, the first loopmovies of this site. They`re designed to continuously play on your desktop for you to look at whenever you feel you need a little distraction from your work - or whatever you are doing with your computer. loopmovies are small in respect to filesize and can be scaled in size to fit wherever you have a small unused space on your computer screen. Try it out and you`ll see ... have fun!