loopmovies are QuickTime movies that require Apples QuickTime Player 5.1
or newer. QuickTime can be downloaded for free from the Apple Website

There are versions for Apple or Windows operating systems.

Once downloaded the movies have to be unstuffed. This happens either
by itself -or you have to get the free StuffIt Expander at
http://www.stuffit.com/expander and do it manually.
loopmovies can then be saved anywhere on your harddrive.

loopmovies have skinmasks to simplify the user interface of the QuickTime Player.
Especially when used at half the normal scale the loopmovie interface uses less
desktop space. QuickTime automatically supports these skinmasks.

Here is how the skinmasks work:

close and scale the window with the task bar of the QuickTIme Player
or the keyboard shortcuts shown there

Your desktop could look like this:

three half scaled loopmovies fit beautifully on the right side of the computer screen and play there.
The sound will play from the loopmovie that was selected last. To change this select the movie
that you would like to hear with the cursor and click anywhere in the window. - that`s it -